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HVAC can be a real pain in the neck when you're sleeping. If your AC goes out during those hot summer nights? You may want to think about getting some help from one of our professionals before things get too unbearable- especially since other companies operate according to only their schedule. Still, ours will work around your time as much as possible, so no matter what time zone or day/night cycle arises, we'll always have someone available who understands just how important comfort is.

What causes your air conditioning to stop working?

Here are a few of the reasons why clients reach out to us for AC repair services:

  1. Clogged Air Filter: A dirty and clogged air filter can dramatically affect the performance of your air conditioner. As part of your AC maintenance plan, you should change your filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This can vary to monthly, once every three months, or they require cleaning.
  2. Drainage: Did you know an AC drain line clog can get backed up with dust, dirt, and lint?  When this happens, the drain pan fills up and water may leak around the AC unit. We can show you how to unclog an AC drain line and do this on your behalf.
  3. Freon Leaks: Worried about a freon leak? This is known as a refrigerant that helps keep your home cool. However, a freon is a toxic and lethal substance. If you suspect a freon leak, you must contact professional AC repair for assistance. Inhaling freon is extremely dangerous, so please do not attempt to do this on your own.
  4. AC Won’t Turn On: If your AC won’t turn on, the first step is to check your thermostat batteries. If the batteries are working, make sure cooling mode is selected with your desired temperature settings. If these steps check out but the AC still won’t turn on, you may need to reset the circuit breaker in case the breaker is tripped.
  5. AC Not Blowing Cold Air: Is your AC not blowing cold air? Dirty airflow might be blocking the cold air and preventing the unit from working properly. Changing your air filter can help your AC blow cool air. 
  6. Air Conditioner is Making Noises: There is a myriad of noises that you may hear coming from your air conditioner, including:
    • Hissing
    • Clicking sounds when turning the AC on or off
    • Thumping, rattling and banging noises
    • Screeching
    • Buzzing

The problems behind these noises can range from refrigerant leaks to a problem with the blower. 

We’ll Take a Close Look at Your System

Our Experts will inspect and clean crucial areas of your air conditioner during service. Some of the work during a tune-up includes:

  • Tightening electrical connections. This ensures your system is running safely.
  • Lubricating parts. When your system isn’t lubricated, rubbing from moving parts can cause it to malfunction more often or more quickly.
  • Cleaning the condensate drain line. Cleaning this line takes care of mold and clogs, which can cause leaks.
  • Cleaning the condenser coil and evaporator coil. These coils turn dirty over time, decreasing airflow and the potential to absorb heat.
  • Straightening coil fins. Aluminum fins on the coils can bend and reduce airflow.
  • Examining system controls. This makes sure your system is starting, running and shutting down correctly.

AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups | Keep The Cool Going Strong

We're committed to quality work and ensuring your satisfaction. We understand how difficult it can be when dealing with an HVAC company, so let us take care of all the hassle for you. Our team is highly skilled in all kinds of AC Tune-ups with the experience and knowledge to get the job done right so you can enjoy a cool, comfortable summer. We know that a properly tuned AC unit can save you money on your monthly utility bills, so don't wait until the weather gets too hot, contact us today for all your AC Tune-up needs!

We don't begin any cooling system replacement work until we know exactly what the problem is and if a new unit will be installed. Once identified, our team does whatever is necessary to fully correct your issue- including taking extra time for thoroughness so you can rest easy knowing everything was done right!

We won't exaggerate how bad something is unless there is an emergency- like a gas leak. This is something we've been burned by before, and we don't want you to go through that same experience. We care about our customers, families, and businesses, so every job is personal to us!

Don't Lose Your Cool | Call For AC Repairs

We have been helping our clients beat the heat for a very long time - and we're ready to do so again. Call our friendly team directly or contact us online today to schedule services.

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