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The summer sun in our area can be unbearable. The humid, steamy weather tends to stick around just long enough for it not to be tolerable without a good air conditioner! So when you rely on your trusty AC unit, fight off this sweaty epidemic; make sure that everything works as efficiently possible by making small repairs now and then scheduling tune-ups regularly with professionals who know what they're doing--like us at Camino Air Conditioning Inc.

But what if you don't know when to say goodbye to a faulty AC? Dealing with a problematic AC system in your home can cause many headaches, but choosing the right installation date is just as tricky. As a homeowner, how do I know it's time for me to get rid of my old AC unit and upgrade to something new?! Easy!

Let us help.

Here are six tell-tale signs that show you need to replace your cooling system:

  1. It's past its prime (over 10 years old)
  2. The system demands constant repairs
  3. There are hot spots throughout the house
  4. The power bills are shooting up
  5. You still have an R22 refrigerant-based system that is being phased out

Air Conditioner Installs and Replacements You Can Trust

When you notice that your AC isn't cooling like it used to be, there are some signs for when this could mean the need for an upgrade. If two or three signs apply, consider installing a new system! Fortunately, with us pulling all responsibility for installing anything related to our air conditioning needs in the Poway, CA area - just contact us today so we can take care of everything.

New air conditioning systems are great for your home! We highly recommend them because they can help you save money on energy bills while also ensuring that the AC performs well in order to provide consistent comfort. Plus, with our reliable maintenance services, we make sure this new unit lasts longer than any other before it - all at an affordable price too (especially if comparison shopping). If these reasons aren't enough, then read below about what else receiving a system will mean:

Enjoy a comfortable and silent lifestyle with today's highly efficient cooling systems. These units will keep your energy bills lower and work harder for you without making too much noise or using up resources in the process! Plus, they allow you to sleep cool, so that means sweet dreams all night long.

For many homeowners, choosing the right air conditioning system for their home can be challenging. The size of your space and how often you plan on using it all contribute significantly to making this decision easy! And since our pros are top-notch at what they do--we'll help make sure that any cooling needs are met without sacrificing efficiency or comfort.

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